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sorry for absence
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Author:  Brynn [ Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  sorry for absence

hi all,

I'm sorry i've been away so much, seems like i have seriously waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much to do LOL.. i can't help it if i see a gap in my schedule i will fit something in..... therefore i have thought out a way to also incorporate gaming and beading into my weekly schedule. I have given it a lot of thought what to do when and how to fit it in.. but following is not set in stone and whenever i must i will replan my activities, however its good to have a focus and try to incorporate fun/relaxing things into my week.... at some stage i must include sports somewhere in this also hahaha well we'll see how when i get there. I left my weekends blank simply because you can't plan your live... or i could but i don't want to. so for weekly evenings..

mondayevenings every even week (so week 2/4/6 etc) i'll come play PWI the uneven weeks i'll try get some of my beadingwork done :)
tuesdayevenings are spend at mum n dads working with dad on our australia adventure book
wednesdayevenings are for cleaning, laundry and possibly a movie
thursdayevening are beading evenings
fridayevenings are grosseries and PWI or going out with friends

i hope this schedule makes me a little more organised and able to fit in some things i enjoy but don't seem to be able too get around too.
see you coming friday, today is an uneven week and so its my beadingnight.

hugs and hope to see you all soon :tiger048: :tiger048: :tiger048:

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