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HOT: R8 Recast Psychic Weapon can CRASH your game
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Author:  AscobolBeast [ Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  HOT: R8 Recast Psychic Weapon can CRASH your game

Hi all,

I was just going through the official forum and I found this:

Weapon of Mass Disconnection

Another thread you can find here: Rank 8 Recast Soulsphere - Client Crash Fix

What is this about?
It seems PWE updated the model file of the Rank8 recast soulphere and made a biiiiig mistake. There are NULL values in the model and so it can't be read by the client anymore.

The effect:
Every psychic who wears the weapon gets disconnected (game crashes). And you can't login anymore. But even worse: Even non-psychics are affected.
If you see a psychic with this weapon and your client has to load the weapon model, your client will crash too (of course you can log in again).

There are rumors that people already (mis)used this to manipulate TWs. Other people say they saw 20 people disconnect at once, because of this.

But there is a fix:
WARNING: It is forbidden to change files. And to fix it, you have to do that. But so far there is no official patch available.
My suggestion: Don't use the fix yet. But download it. If you get affected by this glitch: shutdown the game, install fix, play.

WARNING: It is a user created/fixed file. So use on own risk. I am not responsible if the game breaks with this.

The fix is described in the two linked posts.
But here it is in short:
  • Download this file --> FIX-File (original location), FIX-File (DeadEnd hosted)
  • Go to your folder where you installed PWI and then to the /elements/data folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\Perfect World Entertainment\Perfect World International\elements\data
  • In that folder should be a file called ""
  • Copy the downloaded fix to that folder and replace the old file (you can also make a backup of the old file first).

Don't worry, if you install the fix and PWI patches it then too, your fixed file will be overwritten by the pwi patcher.

Hope there comes an official patch soon.

By the way: On the official Brazilian PW Forum they announced it too and already published an official patch. Only PWI takes it time again.

Greets Asco

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